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Our Exclusive Brands

Tonnellerie D'Aquitaine Logo

Traditional French Oak Barrels since 1860

Tonnellerie D'Aquitaine

Discover Tonnellerie D’Aquitaine Traditional French Oak Tight Grain profiles and its Single Forest Origin from Allier – Vosges – Troncais – Jupille etc. available in 225Lt, 228Lt, 300Lt and 500Lt barrels selection.

Ets Nomblot Logo

Concrete Wine Tanks & Fermenters

Ets Nomblot

Bonna Sabla Nomblot from Burgundy France is the world leader and pioneering manufacturer of concrete wine tanks including the Oval ‘Egg’ shape, the Cube, the Round & the Conical shape fermenters.

Mastro Bottaio Logo

Large Oak Casks, Vats & Fermenters

Mastro Bottaio

This Italian Cooperage specialises in the manufacture of new large format Round & Oval Casks, Vats and Tronconique Fermenters, French Oak and/or Slavonian Oak, capacity 10hl, 15hl,  20hl, 25hl up 60hl volume.

French Oak Cooperage

French Oak Cooperage was developed by Philippe Morin in 2003.
A former sommelier with over 25 years of wine tasting experience, Philippe has a deep understanding of the local and international wine industry.

As the sole Australian distributor for  Tonnellerie D’Aquitaine, Ets Nomblot and Mastro Bottaio, Philippe can recommend the right products to match your desired wine styles or profiles.

Contact French Oak Cooperage today for an appointment and a visit to your winery.