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This Italian Cooperage specialises in the manufacture of new large format Casks, Vats and Oak fermenters from French Oak and/or Slavonian Oak.

Mastro Bottaio

Mastro Bottaio

Mastro Bottaio Italia. This Italian Cooperage specialises in the manufacture of new large format Casks, Vats and Oak fermenters from French Oak and/or Slavonian Oak.

Mastro Bottaio Cooperage is based in the northeast Italy town of Udine where it manufactures traditional large format Vats, Round or Oval, and Fermenters.

The advantage of larger oak casks for fermentation and storage is that there is some thermal inertia. The low-level micro-oxygenation reactions help to polymerise tannins and avoid reductive flavours developing during ageing.

The micro-oxygenation is long so the wine matures gently over time.

Respecting and supporting fruit flavour rather than adding oak flavour are the modern stylistic priorities. Optimising the use of oak for micro-oxygenation properties rather than oak characters is important where fruit, rather than ‘boisée’ characters are sought.

Larger oak casks are widely used in the traditional and classic Rhone Valley wines and Italian wines of the Veneto, Tuscany and Piedmont. Respect for the fruit by larger oak casks is top of the list for wine producers. Larger oak casks tend to have a medium fine grain profile, which is fine for big barrels, 25-50hl casks give sweeter aroma with lesser intense oak flavour.

In Tuscany, the blending and integration facility of larger oak casks is valued for their use for Chianti Classico wines since their main qualities are their drinkability and the refreshing crispness of a young Sangiovese. Larger oak casks bring a beneficial effect on these wines.

In Northeast Italy the advantage seen in the larger oak casks is the harmony with the wines. It is very subtle on the fruit and on the aromas and the minerality shows. It truly respects the character of the wines more. Larger oak casks respect the fruit and are also favoured for micro-oxygenation and their exceedingly modest oak-flavour. For delicate grapes a bigger oak cask is gentler.

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This Italian Cooperage specialises in the manufacture of new large format Round & Oval Casks, Vats and Tronconique Fermenters, French Oak and/or Slavonian Oak, capacity 10hl, 15hl, 20hl, 25hl up to 60hl volume.

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