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Traditional Fire Bent Barrels
Promoting Fruit Characteristics

Tonnellerie D'Aquitaine

Tonnellerie D'Aquitaine

This family owned boutique cooperage offers classic elegant quality craftsmanship with a strong, innovative approach to match your winemaking challenges.

Tonnellerie D’Aquitaine barrels are known for their elegant characteristics. As a result of the long air seasoning and the slow toasting, Tonnellerie D’Aquitaine barrels are very delicate, and respectful of the fruit characteristics of the wine. Oak flavours are well integrated into the wine, thus enhancing the finish.

Our custom production allows best performances on either red or white wines. By selecting Tonnellerie D’Aquitaine barrels, the winemaker will offer to his wine the best barrel selection possible.

Barrel Profiles

Very Tight Grain

Zenith - Premium

The premium Zenith barrel profile is achieved by carefully hand selecting the staves with the tightest grain from France’s most prestigious forests, including Troncais, providing elegant structure, balance and density to the wine while focusing on the fruit. Premier barrel for refined structure and fruit preservation.

Very Tight Grain

Sommet - Premium

The premium Sommet barrel profile is reached by carefully hand selecting the staves with the tightest grain from France’s most prestigious forests including Jupilles, providing elegant volume, brightness and intense aromatics to the wine. Premier barrel for bright fruit expression and soft tannin.

Tight to Very Tight Grain


This forest blend of hand selected tight and very tight grain staves has been designed to lead your wine to a well-balanced profile with structure and bright aromatics. Superb barrel for white wines and bright reds.

Tight Grain


This tight grain cooper’s select forest blend provides a well-structured profile for medium to long ageing wines. This blend, along with D’Aquitaine respectful toasting levels, enhances fruit characteristics and length of the wine.

Tight Grain


This tight grain cooper’s select forest blend provides bright aromatics and power to your wine while respecting the fruit identity.

Medium Tight Grain


Element is a blend of medium tight grain staves from select French oak forests. This profile is designed for faster integration and more powerful impact while still respecting your wine characteristics.

Certified Oak

PEFC: Tonnellerie D’Aquitaine has implemented a quality control of the wood origin according to the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), the world’s largest forest certification organisation.

HACCP: The management system, Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP), currently in use at our production facility, ensures that the quality of our production meets the highest standards of biological, chemical, and physical hazards controls.

A Line of Products

From the hand-selection of the staves sorted by forest an grain, to the delivery of barrels to the winery, every single aspect of the manufacturing process is monitored. Tonnellerie D’Aquitaine line of products by forests or by grain is designed to respect the elegance while enhancing the fruit components and the length of your wines.

Discover Tonnellerie D’Aquitaine Traditional French Oak Tight Grain profiles and its Single Forest Origin from Allier – Vosges – Troncais – Jupille etc. available in 225Lt, 228Lt, 300Lt and 500Lt barrels selection.

24-Month Air-Dried
Minimum Guaranteed

Tonnellerie D’Aquitaine air-seasons staves on its own premises for 24 to 36 months, guaranteed. By selecting our own wood and by air-seasoning on our premises, we have full control over the wood origin, from the forest all the way to the barrel production.

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French Oak Barrels ‘Made to Order’

All barrels are ‘Made To Order’ in France upon receipt of your order.

We encourage wineries to place their order early, ideally from September to November each year for delivery before harvest.

Please Note

We do keep a small inventory of barrels in stock in our warehouse in Adelaide, South Australia to assist wineries with off-season requirements for extra new barrels. Please give us a call first to find out what is available.

How to Place Your Order

Winemakers can place their orders by emailing scanned copy of their signed Purchase Order. Feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to give you any information or advice you may need.

Contact French Oak Cooperage today for an appointment and a visit to your winery.